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Bilingualism and Psycholinguistics Research Group

Bilingualism and Psycholinguistics Research Group

Dr. Viorica Marian Principal Investigator: Professor Viorica Marian, Ph.D.,
Ralph and Jean Sundin Endowed Chair in Communication Sciences and Disorders
Lab Location: Frances Searle Building 3-367
Lab Phone/Fax: 847-467-2709; 847-491-4975
Twitter: @VioricaMarian1
Curriculum Vitae [pdf]


We are accepting applications for a Post-Doctoral position focused on research in bilingualism and the impact of knowing multiple languages on linguistic, cognitive, neural, and developmental processes. Please see the full job description here!


Professor Marian conducts research on bilingualism/multilingualism and the consequences of knowing more than one language for the human linguistic, cognitive, and neural architectures. She is interested in language and cognition and studies language processing, language and memory, language learning, and audio-visual integration in bilinguals and monolinguals. Other areas of research include bilingual assessment, neurolinguistics of bilingualism, and computational models of bilingual language processing. Research in the lab uses primarily eye-tracking, mouse-tracking, and cognitive measures, but also computational modeling, functional neuroimaging and event related potentials.

NWU SOC video profile for Professor Marian

Back row (left to right): Peiyao Chen, Max Freeman, Dr. James Bartolotti, Siqi Ning
Front row (left to right): Sirada Rochanavibhata, Dr. Viorica Marian, Dr. Sayuri Hayakawa


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