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 Role of working memory in language activation during visual scene processing
Sarah Chabal, Matias Fernandez-Duque, Sayuri Hayakawa & Viorica Marian
Cognitive Science Society 42nd Annual Virtual Meeting
July 2020


On Language and Thought: Bilingual Experience Changes Concept Associations A Comparison of Mother-Preschooler Book Sharing Practices in the United States and Thailand
Siqi Ning, Sayuri Hayakawa, James Bartolotti, & Viorica Marian
Sirada Rochanavibhata, Julia Borland, & Viorica Marian
APS Virtual Poster Showcase
June 2020
  Biennial Meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development
March 2019


Cross-Cultural Differences in Maternal Communication with Preschool-Age Children in the United States and Thailand Cross-linguistic Perception of Phonotactics in Bilinguals
Julia Borland, Sirada Rochanavibhata, & Viorica Marian
Max Freeman & Viorica Marian
UIC Bilingualism Forum
October 2018
ASHA Conference
November 2017



Content from Outside the Lab About our Research

Bilingualism is Healthy! Linguistic Predictors of Cultural Identification in Bilinguals
Aimee van den Berg
Chizuruoke Onuoha
HS senior, Illinois Math and Science Academy
Spring 2018
HS sophomore, Valley Stream North High School
Spring 2018