School of Communication

Bilingualism and Psycholinguistics Research Group


Principal Investigator

Dr. Viorica Marian Professor Viorica Marian, Ph.D.
Ralph and Jean Sundin Endowed Chair in Communication Sciences and Disorders
Room: Frances Searle 2-244
Phone: 847-491-2420
Twitter: @VioricaMarian1
Research interests: bilingualism and multilingualism, language and cognition, language processing, language and memory, language learning, audio-visual integration in bilinguals and monolinguals, bilingual assessment, neurolinguistics of bilingualism, computational modeling of bilingual language processing, and eye-tracking
Sample publications:

Curriculum Vitae [pdf]
Academic Family Tree
The Native Influence (Profile)

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Sayuri Hayakawa, Ph.D.
Room: Frances Searle 3-367
Phone: 847-467-2709
Research interests: bilingualism, emotion and mental imagery; foreign language processing and decision making
Sample publications:

Curriculum Vitae [pdf]

Ph.D. candidates

Peiyao Chen Peiyao Chen, M.S.
Room: Frances Searle 3-375
Phone: 847-467-2709
Research interests: emotional word processing in bilinguals, and the influence of L2 experience on cognition
Sample publications:

Curriculum Vitae [pdf]

Sirada Sirada Rochanavibhata, M.A.
Room: Frances Searle 3-371B
Phone: 847-467-2709
Research interests: bilingual language development, language learning (L1/L2 & multilingualism), environmental influences on language acquisition, language-mixing/code-switching, bilingualism and ageing, and bilingualism and memory.
Sample presentations/publications:

  • Rochanavibhata, S., Zecker, S. G., & Marian, V. (2018, April). Cross-cultural differences in mother-preschooler conversation styles in the United States and Thailand. Talk presented at the Midwestern Psychological Association 90th Annual Meeting, Chicago, Illinois.

Curriculum Vitae [pdf]

Ph.D. students

Sherry Ning Siqi Ning (Sherry)
Room: Frances Searle 3-367
Phone: 847-467-2709
Research interests: cognitive effects of bilingualism and bilingual language acquisition
Recent presentations:

  • Ning, S. & Martin, R. (2017, April). Effect of Bilingualism on Working Memory. Poster presented at the annual Rice Undergraduate Research Symposium, Houston, Texas.
  • Ning, S. & Martin, R. (2017, Nov). Effect of Bilingualism on Working Memory. Poster presented at the Psychonomic Society’s 58th Annual Meeting, Vancouver, Canada.

Curriculum Vitae [pdf]

Manuel Meléndez Luján
Room: Frances Searle 3-367
Phone: 847-467-2709
Research interests: Memory, bilingualism, and computational models of language.
Recent presentations:

  • Meléndez Luján, M.R., Francis, W.S. (2018, April). The Role of Context Variability in Bilingual Memory for Concrete and Abstract Words. Poster presented at COURI Symposium, El Paso, TX.
  • Meléndez Luján, M. R., Tsuboi, N., Negrón, J., Guedea, E. L., & Francis, W. S. (2017, December). Impact of auditory and visual comprehension exposures on spoken word production in bilinguals. Poster presented at UTEP’s psychology department honors’ theses research poster session, El Paso, TX.

Curriculum Vitae [pdf]

Yue Pan, M.A.
Room: Frances Searle 3-367
Phone: 847-467-2709
Research interests: Bilingual Judgment and Decision-Making, bilingual health/risk communication, second language education.
Curriculum Vitae [pdf]

Research Associates

Anthony Shook Anthony Shook, Ph.D.
Room: Frances Searle 3-367
Phone: 847-467-2709
Research interests: language processing in bilinguals, computational models of language, and bimodal bilingualism
Sample publications:

Curriculum Vitae [pdf]

Jen Krizman Jen Krizman, Ph.D.
Room: Frances Searle 3-367
Phone: 847-491-2459
Research interests: auditory processing in bilinguals, and neural correlates of bilingualism
Sample publications:

Curriculum Vitae [pdf]

Marina Sokolova Marina Sokolova, Ph.D.
Room: Frances Searle 3-367
Phone: 872-232-2567
Research interests: language processing in unbalanced bilinguals and multilinguals, linguistic approaches to language processing; processing differences between native speakers and language learners, processing strategies and general mechanisms of second and third language acquisition.
Sample publications:

  • Sokolova, M. (2017, September). Phenomenon-sensitive sentence processing in native speakers and language learners. Studies in Theoretical Psycholinguistics. (in prep).

Curriculum Vitae [pdf]


Research Assistants

Bennett Magliato Bennett Magliato
Room: Frances Searle 3-367
Phone: 847-467-2709
Research interests: bilingualism, language development/acquisition, bilingual cognition, language disorders
Julia Borland
Room: Frances Searle 3-367
Phone: 847-467-2709
Research interests: bilingualism
Neli Vorobyov
Room: Frances Searle 3-367
Phone: 847-467-2709
Research interests: bilingualism, neurological underpinnings of communication disorders, and typical and atypical language development, perceptual learning in speech


Margarita Kaushanskaya, Ph.D.
currently Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Henrike Blumenfeld, Ph.D.
currently Associate Professor, San Diego State University

Scott Schroeder, Ph.D.
currently Assistant Professor, Hofstra University

James Bartolotti, Ph.D.
currently Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Kansas

Susan C. Bobb, Ph.D.
currently Assistant Professor, Gordon College

Max Freeman, Ph.D., CCC-CF
currently Speech Language Pathologist, Chicago Public Schools

Tuan Q. Lam, Ph.D.
currently Visiting Assistant Professor, Loyola University New Orleans

Sarah Chabal, Ph.D.
currently Research Psychologist, U.S. Defense Sector

Yasmeen Faroqi Shah, Ph.D.
currently Associate Professor, University of Maryland

Li Sheng, Ph.D.
currently Associate Professor, University of Texas-Austin

Elena Dukhovny, Ph.D.
currently Assistant Professor, California State University

Sunhee Ko, Ph.D.
currently Assistant Professor, Kongju National University

Caitlin Fausey, Ph.D.
currently Assistant Professor, University of Oregon

Caroline Larson, M.Ed., CCC-SLP/L
currently Ph.D. student, University of Iowa

Jay Mittal
currently Resident in General Surgery, Cleveland Clinic

Alison Moy
currently M.D. student, University of Texas-Houston

Rachel Tepe
currently Dental Resident, Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Justin White
currently Masters Student in Speech-Language Pathology, University of Iowa

David Chi
currently Dentistry Student, University of Washington

Aimee van den Berg
currently B.A. Student, Northwestern University

Ashley Leung
currently Ph.D. Student, University of Chicago

Laura Montenegro
currently M.S. Student, Northwestern University

Grace Pickens
currently Fulbright Scholar, US Fulbright Commission (Santa Fe, Argentina)


Henrike Blumenfeld, Ph.D., San Diego State University

Susan C. Bobb, Ph.D., Gordon College

Kailyn Bradley, Ph.D., Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Karen Emmorey, Ph.D., San Diego State University

Marcel Giezen, Ph.D., San Diego State University

Arturo Hernandez, Ph.D., University of Houston

Noriko Hoshino, Ph.D., Kobe City University of Foreign Studies, Japan

Margarita Kaushanskaya, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison

Sunhee Ko, Ph.D., Kongju National University

Nina Kraus, Ph.D., Northwestern University

Tuan Q. Lam, Ph.D., Loyola University New Orleans

K.K. Luke, Ph.D., Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Karla McGregor, Ph.D., The University of Iowa

Li Sheng, Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin

Scott Schroeder, Ph.D., Hofstra University

Michael Spivey, Ph.D., University of California, Merced